Audit and Consulting

Hundreds of enterprises in Ukraine and abroad have become our clients during the existence of the Logoline company. In the process of cooperation with clients we often have to analyse the previous transactions of our clients. As a result of such analysis we regularly find violations and errors:

  • Wrong classification of goods.
  • Incorrectly determined customs value, unreasonable overestimation of the customs value.
  • Unlawful application of preferences / non-application of preferences if possible.
  • Errors in the calculation of customs duties and violations in non-tariff regulation.
  • Misapplication of customs regimes.
  • Other errors in documentation and customs documents.

All this can be interpreted as a violation of customs rules and lead to serious fines based on the results of the inspections. On the other hand in some cases such errors lead to an overstatement of the amounts of customs payments which in some cases can be returned.
The employees of our company have huge experience as during the existence of our company tens of thousands of customs declarations and hundreds of thousands of commodity items have been issued. The experience accumulated by our employees allows us to identify the vast majority of possible problems. Based on the results of the audit you will be provided with a report with all detailed recommendations and analysis.

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